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VtM: Bloodhunt launches to a decently sized player base and weird crossplay

Published: 16:33, 28 April 2022

Sharkmob recently launched the odd combination of Vampire: The Masquerade and battle royale which shouldn't be running into matchmaking issues, despite the one-sided crossplay.

Battle royale games tend to crash and burn due to the low numbers when it comes to the player base and only a handful of them actually find actual success. The developers of Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodhunt decided to tackle this risk from the get-go by utilising crossplay, which ended up having a format that isn't exactly the standard these days.

The PC player base looks healthy enough for the time being with around 15,000 people in the game at the same time most of the day. However, a sizeable drop will probably happen soon, as it does with all new releases. This is when the need for crossplay will kick in.

Bloodhunt is available only on PC and PS5 and crossplay is enabled by default. PC players can't disable crossplay at all but PS5 players can. This may leave some PC players disappointed as they are denied the option of playing only with their own platform but just like Sharkmob noted, it's probably for the best to keep everyone in the same pool in order to keep the matchmaking queues short.

Furthermore, players can't form squads with mixed platforms and the social lobby zone is separated for PC and PS5.

Depending on which platform ends up having fewer players, it might run into trouble when it comes to squad matches as players could potentially struggle with finding teammates, despite crossplay being enabled.

If you are wondering why PS5 gets crossplay and PC doesn't, it's because Sony enforces certain rules and the devs had no choice but to allow the console players to opt-out, despite not wanting to separate the pool of players that are able to join a match.

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