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Vampyr gets slapped with mature rating, for better or worse

Published: 17:33, 02 April 2018
Dontnod Entertainment
Vampyr logo and protagonist

The horror action RPG will be rated M for Mature because of the presence of use of alcohol, drugs, sex, the presence of violence, blood, gore and the use of swear words. Being a Vampyr must be messy, but we'll have to wait and see.

Dontnod Entertainment is having their game rated by the ESRB as a game for mature audiences. No surprise there, with the game's heavy theme of murder and the main protagonist being a vampire. While it does gate off the game from younger audiences, this could be a step towards a highly acclaimed title.

Dontnod Entertainment The protagonist walking through a building bloodied Vampyr - The bloodied protagonist embracing his vampire side

The ESRB rating has been the doom of many titles, as well as the saviour of others. Considering the studio's dedication to bringing the vampire genre back, we can assume their blend of real world and fantasy world will be more alike the old days of Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. 

Activision Vampire the masquerade bloodlines logo Vampyr - Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines finally might have a successor as the most prominent vampire game

The game's release date was announced to be on 05 June 2018, after being delayed from Q4 2017, to a Q2 2018 release. It focuses on the period of the Spanish flu in 1918 in London with a semi-fictional setting. The player controls a doctor turned vampire as the two sides battle each other for dominance.

It will have multiple endings depending on the players' choices throughout the game. It has been mentioned that it is possible to complete the game without actually killing anyone, but that this would eliminate the players' ability to level up, leaving them weak in the eyes of the vampire inside them, but being praised by many as well as keeping their dignity as a human being and the Hippocratic Oath as a doctor.

Dontnod Entertainment London in 1918 during spanish flu Vampyr - The general state and style of the world

Vampyr was announced mid-2015, with a video released on E3 2016. Last year's E3 was particularly kind to the game, as it won awards for the gameplay trailer. The development studio is being extremely cautious of the game's fact and fiction line, citing multiple sources of influence for medicine, the city of London in which the game is situated, books for the sociological studies of the area and people, etc.


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