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Focus Home Interactive show 55 minutes of Vampyr gameplay

Published: 16:07, 24 May 2018
Updated: 16:33, 24 May 2018
DONTNOD Entertainment
Dr Reid is sucking a man of in what seems to be a cemetery

Focus Home Interactive have decided to show some gameplay from Vampyr, two weeks prior to the game's release on 5 June 2018. The gameplay offers insight into crafting, dialogue, combat systems as well as the consequences of Reid's actions.

Focus Home Interactive have decided to show some gameplay from six hours into Vampyr, where the juicy stuff happens. The developer livestream kicked the game off as Dr. Reid walks through a dark alley on his way to stop a person who is blackmailing an acquaintance of his.

We get introduced to the game's dialogue branching right away as Dr. Reid gets verbally flipped off by an elderly man closely resembling Abraham Setrakian from the tv show The Strain. Now, the flipping off happened because Reid didn't have enough information or arguments to convince the old man to let him enter the building as the only information they extracted from scanning him with vampire equivalent of x-ray is that he has bronchitis.

Bronchitis, just as many other conditions and diseases, reduces the quality of blood in those NPCs and therefore reduces experience gained, should Dr. Reid decide to off them by sucking. In order to find a way into the building, the devs then proceed to dig up information via hints and talking with NPCs throughout the district. A chain of dialogues and one vampire victim later, they collected enough information to enter the building.

The victim that was drained of his blood by Dr. Reid suffered several consequences, and the developers used this opportunity to explain the massive branching potential and replay value of Vampyr. Considering they murdered this person in order to feed Dr. Reid, the district lost some stability, and with enough kills, the district can collapse entirely.

Secondly, Dr. Reid earned enough experience to level up, or as the game put it - evolve. This required him to go to a safe house and rest, so leveling up can't be done on the fly. Third consequence may have been just for flavour, but it may have deeper meaning later on, as the poet's death made a mute florist "not smile anymore". Oh, and Dr. Reid cured the man from his minor cold before munching on him, to earn more experience.

DONTNOD Entertainment Dr. Johnathan Reid is approaching from a dark valley. Maybe he just killed Batman's parents Vampyr

The developers' showcased weapon upgrades, crafting system, ability tree and combat, as well as the reflection of Dr. Reid's vampiric side taking over because he killed so many people on his journey.

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