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Focus Home Interactive have 12 new games in development

Published: 12:39, 12 April 2019
Updated: 12:40, 12 April 2019
Focus Home
focus home's picture showing the upcoming games
Focus Home Interactive games

French publisher Focus Home Interactive revealed that 12 new games are currently in the works with various development studios including Saber Interactive, Dontnod and Sumo Digital. These titles will release in the upcoming years.

Focus Home Interactive have shared a detailed look at their new partnerships and games that should release in the coming years. The French publisher have 12 new games in development with various studios and they teased some of these projects in their announcement.

As earlier reported, Focus Home and Dontnod are continuing their successful partnership to deliver another, yet unnamed game. The publisher also confirmed that partnerships with Deck13, Saber Interactive, Passtech Games, Streum On Studio and Asobo Studio have been renewed.

The Surge creators Deck13 will work on a brand new franchise once they wrap up The Surge 2, Passtech Games will deliver a new IP in an indie vein while Streum On Studio will develop new shooter in one of the most popular Games Workshop IPs.

The biggest announcement is certainly the partnership with Saber Interactive, which will bring two new games. The first title will be a brand new IP that will offer "an amazing co-op" experience while the second title may be the most ambitious project in Focus Home's history - an AAA-quality game from Games Workshop IP catalogue. 

As you can see in the picture above, Games Workshop games are Warhammer titles including Warhammer 40,000 game.

Another big project is coming from Sumo Digital Newcastle Studio who developed EVE: Valkyrie. This one will aim to deliver a multiplayer experience in "a dark and violent universe".

Focus Home Interactive will also be partnering up with Chaosium to become the exclusive publisher for all games set in Call of Chtulu universe in the next ten years.

And last but not least, Vampyr, Call of Cthulu and Farming Simulator are coming to Nintendo Switch this year while Spintires: Mudrunner will drop to Android and iOS in the near future.

Dontnod Entertainment The protagonist walking through a building bloodied Vampyr - The bloodied protagonist embracing his vampire side

You can check Focus Home's for more details on their exclusive partnerships and upcoming titles.

Vampyr - Action RPG by Dontnod and Focus Home Interactive

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Dontnod's action RPG Vampyr released earlier this year, and it revolves around Jonathan Reid the newly turned vampire who is confronted by the blood-thirst. Vampyr recently landed the first place on the UK Chars for the month June.

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