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Valorant to introduce Team Deathmatch Mode in 2023, confirmed by Riot Games

Published: 18:38, 25 January 2023
Riot Games
Valorant to introduce Team Deathmatch mode!
Valorant to introduce Team Deathmatch mode!

In a recent video, Riot Games suggested that a Team Deathmatch mode will be added to Valorant in the future, possibly later this year.

Before its release, many were uncertain about the potential success of Valorant  in the competitive FPS market. However, the game has proven its skeptics wrong by becoming incredibly popular.

Riot Games,  the developer behind the game, utilized their marketing experience from League of Legends  to help establish Valorant as a successful title. The game has attracted a large player base from various gaming genres, thanks to its mechanics and gameplay that are heavily influenced by CS:GO  and Overwatch 2.

Riot Games frequently introduces new elements to Valorant, such as maps, characters, cosmetic items, and gameplay modes. One recent example is the Swiftplay mode  added in patch 5.12, and the company has teased that another game mode will be released in the coming year.

In a recent video update, the game director of Valorant, Andy Ho, shared information about the company's plans for the game in 2023, including a new feature called Swiftplay and a new game mode that he hinted would be Team Deathmatch.

A well-known leaker named Mike (ValorLeaks)  has provided information that the new game mode hinted at by Valorant's game director, Andy Ho, is in fact Team Deathmatch. 

According to ValorLeaks, the objective of this mode will be for teams to be the first to get 100 kills and it will involve using abilities, unlike the current free-for-all mode. While the release date for Team Deathmatch is not yet confirmed, it is expected to be released sometime in 2023.  


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