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UPDATE: Iron Harvest blows up on Kickstarter, breaks 75% of goals in a day (FUNDED)

Published: 12:55, 14 March 2018
Updated: 23:49, 14 March 2018
King Art Games
A painting depicting shepperds herding sheep with a large mech in the background
King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Concept art

King Art Games' real time strategy Iron Harvest has started its Kickstarter campaign yesterday and if the initial results are anything to go by, the game may end up blowing the proverbial roof of Kickstarter's equally proverbial house.

UPDATE: Yep, the game has already blasted through the initially planned $450K goal and stands at $459K, at writing time. Actually scratch that - it's $460K now, so we better finish this up before we end up writing until the morning.

ORIGINAL: The campaign is in line with King Art Games' announcement of on 13 March 2018. Naturally, we were there but the initial dedication shown by some backers made us feel really cheap.

Namely, Iron Harvest's goal stands at $500K/£358K but this alternative history wreck-a-palooza has had as much as 75 per cent of their initial goal in the bag by the end of day one.

King Art Games A list of Kickstarter goals for the upcoming game Iron Harvest Iron Harvest Kickstarter goals

The figure stands at $351K/£251,5 from 4,407 backers, at the time of writing. This means that each of Iron Harvest's backers has pledged around $79/£57. Of course, these calculations are just estimates but they just go to show how eagerly anticipated the title has become.

King Art Games say that they aimed for a "game that favours clever tactics over action, player freedom over scripted set-piece moments and strong singleplayer campaigns over long-term monetization opportunities." So basically, they're aiming for anything other than Blizzard strategy.

King Art Games User interface of the game Iron Harvest King Art Games: Iron Harvest: User Interface

The devs claim to have prioritised tactics over the clicks-per-second metric, with Iron Harvest supporting various real world fighting strategies. In fact, the game allows for stealth tactics, allowing players to strike from shadows. Or bushes, although these don't sound as poetic.

According to the devs, Iron Harvest's infantry units will be most versatile units in the game. They can equip various tools and weapons, including what is said to be a three man job - gunning the Heavy MG.

With most real time strategy games insisting on making basic infantry grunts the cheapest and often weakest units in the game, Iron Harvest's insistence on accurate portrayal of infantry units is commendable and, dare we say it, finally realistic.

King Art Games A 3D model of a diesel punk soldier holding a glowing mortar shooter King Art Games: Iron Harvest: Saxony, Heavy Infantry

King Art Games also rolled out the Iron Harvest roadmap, so let's break it down real quick. The devs say that Alpha1 is reserved for early single player testing and basic functionality tests. It is due in Summer 2018, so any time now.

Alpha2 is due in fourth quarter of 2018 and will focus on multiplay, provided it reaches its $1 million Kickstarter goal. The first Beta is due in second quarter of 2019, when we'll get a taste of all the game modes, single player campaigns included.

King Art Games Several boxes and a pie chart depicting a roadmap for Iron Harvest game Iron Harvest roadmap and expenses pie chart

Want to pledge? You can do so .

Iron Harvest units, concept art and more

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
King Art Games: Iron Harvest, Factions, Heroes, Unit Portraits
Iron Harvest units, concept art...

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