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Ukyo Tachibana joins AFK Arena

Published: 17:12, 08 April 2020
AFK Arena - Ukyo Tachibana
AFK Arena - Ukyo Tachibana

Lilith Games are celebrating the successful first year of AFK Arena and the team has introduced Ukyo Tachibana as the new hero who will temporarily be available to everyone.

Idle games are becoming more popular by the day in the gaming world and AFK Arena did not miss out on that trend. Lilith Games launched this title in April 2019 and is now celebrating the first anniversary.

To that end, the team is introducing one of SNK characters, Ukyo Tachibana, to AFK Arena's roster of heroes. The blue-haired swordsman normally spends his time in Samurai Shodown but the guest appearance in the mobile game will be permanent for some players.

While everyone will get to try Ukyo at no cost for one week, those who decide they like the samurai enough can opt to purchase him as a premium hero. He will not be a permanent addition to the store either as August 2020 will mark the end of the option to buy him.

The players who are not looking to dish out their money in the pursuit of collecting all the heroes can look forward to several benefits of the annual celebration. Diamonds and Dust will be dispersed to AFK Arena players and there is a promise of special events that will offer "great rewards".

Lilith Games AFK Arena AFK Arena

Lilith Games' launch of an idle game on mobile platforms was initially not seen as something groundbreaking but 40 million downloads and a Player's Choice Award nomination later, it seems like the game is doing really well for itself, the developers and the publishers.

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