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AFK Arena getting a real-time 1V1 event - "War of Wits"

Published: 14:00, 08 February 2021
Lilith Games
AFK Arena - Draw and Duel
AFK Arena - Draw and Duel

AFK Arena players will soon be able to test their mettle in a real-time 1V1 event, titled "War of Wits". Playing 20 matches until February 26 will reward the players with Celestial Hero Talene.

AFK Arena is getting ready to welcome its first-ever real-time 1V1 event, "War of Wits". 

The new one-on-one mode strips players of their high-level heroes and shoves them into battle against another player on a level playing field where only skill and knowledge determine the winner. During the War of Wits event, players can unlock the Celestial Hero, Talene, to add to their roster for free.

War of Wits' quick gameplay will pose a real challenge to a player’s skill as they will be tasked with building a squad of Heroes while fighting time itself.

Players will take turns drawing from a shared pool of four cards made up from a possible 40 Heroes and 24 Relics. Choosing a Hero card adds that character to the player’s hand which is deployed in the War of Wits final combat phase. 

Heroes come from one of four factions with their own advantages and Relics can boost a player’s squad or hinder the opponent’s team. Whether players choose to strengthen their team or counter the opponent’s strategy for the final battle, the stakes are high as they try to climb the leaderboards and earn increasingly lavish rewards.

During the War of Wits event, players can unlock Celestial Hero Talene, the Rising Phoenix, by playing in 20 PVP matches before February 26.  

Talene is an agility-based support hero who can wield powerful flame-based attacks in battle. 

She is just one of AFK Arena’s roster of heroes that blends unique, original characters with iconic crossovers. These include Ezio Auditore from Assassin’s Creed, Samurai Shodown’s Ukyo Tachibana, Overlord’s Ainz Ooal Gown and Albedo and most recently, PERSONA5’s JOKER and QUEEN.

AFK Arena can be downloaded on Google Play and the App Store.

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