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R6 Siege Year 4: new maps and operators, reworks and events

Published: 15:59, 18 February 2019
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Rainbow Six Siege

Ubisoft shared details on Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 content, which will be delivered through 4 seasons. Every season will feature two new operators, one new map or map rework and one mid-season event. Season one is now live on test servers.

Ubisoft have revealed their plans for Rainbow Six Siege Year 4 content during the Six Invitational event, which took place during the past week. According to the roadmap, there are a lot of new features in store, including brand new maps, operators and limited-time events.

The content will be rolled out through four seasons and each season will include two new operators and one map. Ubisoft confirmed that only Outback will be a brand new map while the other three are reworks of Kafe, Kanal and Theme Park maps.

For Kafe map, Ubisoft are adding a new objective and bigger top floor, moving the bombsite to the kitchen and adjusting some staircases. Kanal will receive general improvements to its layout along with two new connectors, including a tunnel.

Theme Park map is getting some lighting adjustments, and a bit more streamlined layout with a simplified bottom floor and changes to train room.

Season one is live now on Rainbow Six Siege test servers and its two new operators are Australians . Ubisoft are also looking to introduce new limited-time events similar to last year's Outbreak. However, they didn't offer additional details on those, we only know that every season will feature one event.

In the second season, Ubisoft will introduce American and Danish operators, season three will bring Peruvian and Mexican operators while Kenyan and Indian operators are planned for the season four.

Ubisoft picture showing roadmap for r6 siege R6 Siege Year 4 Roadmap

During the four season period, Ubisoft also plan to continuously balance operators. They already announced some reworks to Lion, Glaz, Mute, Dokkaebi, Ash and Capitão. While some of the changes are minor like removing ACOG from Ash's R-4C, other operators are getting some big nerfs.

Glaz is one of them and the developers are nerfing his sniper rifle to make the heat vision only available when standing still, meaning that you won't be able to see opponents through smoke if you're moving. 

For a closer look at the new features, operator changes and reworks, check out the official  reveal post on Reddit.

Rainbow Six Siege

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