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Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion map Fortress revealed

Published: 20:17, 09 November 2018
Picture of the new map, named Fortress, in Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Fortress

Ubisoft have released a video previewing the new map, called Fortress, that will make its debut with the release of Operation Wind Bastion in Rainbow Six Siege. This one will be unique, as it will be heavily associated with an operator.

Ubisoft are apparently trying something new with Fortress, since they announced that the map will be "heavily associated with an Operator". The operator in question will likely be the male defender, simply described as a commander in for Operation Wind Bastion.

There is still no clear statement whether this heavy association will be restricted to lore, as we know the commander is the one who gave Rainbow access to the fortress, or if it will have gameplay implications. Bearing in mind that one of the leaked images shows him carrying binoculars, it could hint that he will be an intel gatherer that will not need to interrogate nearly dead attackers.

Anyway, as Ubisoft previously stated, the map will provide "unprecedented access to the roof" and by extension, drop-down points due to the height of the towers that can be found there. Houses within the complex will apparently feature two floors and each will have multiple stairs and a ladder for quick navigation between them.

Not everything is enclosed though, as Fortress features open spaces so long range engagements will still be possible. No need to drop crying into your pillow yet, Glaz mains. According to the official post, a section of the Fortress is newly renovated, offering neat visuals. Some of them include the commander's office, bedroom and private hammam, which is the Arabic word for a fancy bath.

Ubisoft Promotional image for Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion

The other part is yet to be renovated, but that apparently doesn't turn away any soldiers eager for elite training. Apparently this newly renovated versus somewhat decrepit art style was made due to art team's intention to give distinctive areas for easier navigation. Full gameplay reveal of the map is expected alongside the full reveal of the Morrocan operators on 18 November 2018.

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