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Ubisoft officially reveal Thunderbird for Rainbow Six Siege

Published: 12:17, 24 May 2021
Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Operation North Star has leaked several times and the new operator is already known but she has now finally received a proper reveal through official channels.

Operation North Star will bring several enhancements for Rainbow Six Siege and an attempt to refresh the meta. The devs are aiming to achieve this through the new operator, improved scoreboard and icons, bullet hole fixes and operator balancing.

In the case of the scoreboard and icons, the new improvements should offer more clarity, giving the players that instant feedback that could help them make decisions on the fly.

Operator balancing is probably the most noticeable with Mira and Maestro adjustments while Thunderbird will introduce healing to the defenders. Her gadget is Kóna Healing Station that will heal operators in the vicinity and the catch is that the device does not discriminate - it will heal both teams as long as they are nearby.

Furthermore, the device will be able to get operators out of DBNO state so it's definitely going to be a strong point on any map. One would hazard a guess that players will see it as a secondary objective worth fighting over.

While such a gadget would hit at an anchor, Thunderbird is actually geared to be a roamer with her high speed and low health. Spear .308 and SPAS-15 are her primary choices while Bearing 9 and Q-929 can be kept in the holster.

Her secondary gadgets are quite deadly as Thunderbird has access to Impact Grenades and Nitro Cells, making her pretty scary when she's on roaming duty.

You will be able to try the new operator on May 25, 2021, when she hits TTS along with the rest of the North Star content and changes.


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