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Ubisoft change story, Watch Dogs: Legion has no specific message

Published: 11:38, 20 June 2019
Updated: 15:52, 20 June 2019
picture showing watch dogs legion logo on black background
Watch Dogs: Legion

In spite of their statements at this year's E3, where they suggested that Watch Dogs: Legion does have a message, Ubisoft changed their official story and now claim they're sticking to the standard apolitical stance they had thus far.

Ubisoft's apolitical sentiment was echoed more than once by their CEO Yves Guillemot and more recently by Ubisoft Massive COO Alf Condelius, who stressed The Division 2 will and overtly political themes.

Their creative director Clint Hocking told The Telegraph that Watch Dogs: Legion "has a message for sure", which was, "ordinary people need to put aside their differences and come together. It's not the politicians, it's not the dude from the mountain who's going to come down and save us all. It's us. Putting aside our differences and fighting back against things that are obviously wrong - that's what we need to do."

In the meantime, Ubisoft's EU boss Alain Corre The Telegraph that they wanted to give players the freedom to be someone different and do something they've never done.

"We're not there to tell them what they have to think at all. What we want is to offer possibilities to explore new ways of behaving, new ways of exploring, and at the end of the day they make their own minds up", Corre said.

Asked whether they're aware that Watch Dogs: Legion's choice of Brexit and London for the story is a bit controversial, Corre stressed that their choice was purely based on the creative possibilities the city offers, rather than trying to say something about the matter.

"The player will do what he wants in our fictional world, but giving them different angles to explore is what we are really here for", he added.

Ubisoft Masked Watch Dogs: Legion protagonists in London Watch Dogs: Legion

Watch Dogs: Legion is the first time in the franchise that the game's protagonist can be anyone, with players assembling own teams from people with different talents. For instance, MMA fighters will be quite useful when it comes to melee, but murderous spy grannies will too, of course.

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