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Twitch representative confirms the service was blocked in China

Published: 11:51, 21 September 2018
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Twich's representative confirmed today that the service has gotten the boot from China, which includes their massively popular app on Chinese iOS store, although they didn't provide any reasons as to why. Let the speculation games begin.

Same goes for Chinese Cyberspace Administration, who are yet to provide a clear cut answer on why Chinese customers cannot access the service anymore. This means that Twitch joins a lengthy list of foreign platforms blocked in the country, including the likes of Facebook, YouTube and twitter.

The timing of the move however is peculiar to say the least, because Twitch's popularity has been on the constant rise ever since it was introduced. In absence of official responses by relevant authorities though, it's likely that it has something to do with China's tightening of gaming regulations, which also led to Tencent's recent financial woes.

Speculation is rife that Twitch's removal has something to do with the criticism of state run television by Chinese esports enthusiasts. Namely, the TV didn't seem overly interested in covering the Asian Games, which happened to feature competitive gaming for the first time, prompting most players to turn to Twitch as the only other available option.

At the time it was taken down, Twitch's free iOS app was the third most popular in the Chinese App Store, so it's not hard to see where this is coming from. However, knowing that recently introduced gaming regulations practically rid their company Tencent of $20 billion in a supposed attempt to combat mytopia, it's unlikely that this is a matter of unfair competition.

Naturally, until we actually get official confirmation from Twitch or the Cyberspace Administration, we can only guess as to the reasons why this has happened. Oh I know - it must be because PUBG finally . Suddenly it all makes sense. I'm joking of course but you can't say it wouldn't be the most hilarious thing you've heard this year if by some ridiculous cosmic chance it turned out true.

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