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Apex Legends Mobile test launched for 10 countries

Published: 08:08, 09 March 2022
Apex Legends' most explosive Legend yet, Fuse
Apex Legends' most explosive Legend yet, Fuse

Respawn Entertainment has launched the first limited regional launch for Apex Legends Mobile, which is essentially a test to see when it might become available for a wider audience.

Apex Legends Mobile limited regional launch happened on March 8, 2022, when a set of 10 countries got the ability to download and play the game.

 The first countries with the ability to download it are:

  1. Australia
  2. New Zealand
  3. Singapore
  4. Malaysia
  5. Philippines
  6. Indonesia
  7. Mexico
  8. Peru
  9. Argentina
  10. Colombia

As you probably guessed by now, these are the countries where mobile gaming is dominant, compared to other platforms, which makes sense because chances are Apex Legends Mobile is going to attract the highest amount of players in these regions. 

The purpose of the limited launch is to allow Respawn and Lightspeed devs test out the matchmaking and progression systems, as well as backend infrastructure and monetisation. 

Updates will come in the coming weeks and months for the players outside of these regions but in the meantime, the 10 countries will be able to play battle royale on World's Edge, team deathmatch, mini battle royale, 3v3 arenas and ranked battle royale matches.

Respawn Entertainment Apex Legends - Mad Maggie Apex Legends - Mad Maggie

Player progression will reset after the initial tests but those who complete certain challenges before that will get unique badges, weapon charms and beta banner frame that will carry on to the full launch.

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