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Traders are back to Escape from Tarkov

Published: 11:38, 03 May 2022
Battlestate Games
They have all been unlocked
They have all been unlocked

Ransom has been paid, or Nikita just got fed up with the event. Anyway, the traders are back!

Last week we wrote about the upcoming event  in which Nikita, the C.E.O. of the Battlestate Games, announced on Twitter, that the Traders and the Flea Market will be removed from the game for 5 days.

That has divided the community between people who absolutely loved the event and those who were hating it with passion as both Discord and Reddit were on fire the past couple of days, especially on the weekend when the majority of the players have the freest time to play the game and with it experience the new event.

To the excitement of the second part of the player base, the event has finished and Traders have returned to the game, as the game returns to its normal state of affairs.

Battlestate Games Ransom has been paid Ransom has been paid

As Battlestate Games try to explain most of their in-game events via some activity, they had players notified that they held traders to ransom, and had set up a money-collecting tracker on their website, for each trader. 

An hour ago, the money left to collect reached zero, and Battlestate Games unblocked all Traders.

Whether the tracker reflected real-time player donations (some noticed that the last 50 million went by suspiciously fast) doesn't really matter in the end.  They are back and the players can refill their ammo and acquire gear once again.

Whether this was a pre-wipe event or an event that tried to stabilize the economy is unknown. It could also just be a test event to see whether players enjoy these kinds of events.

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