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Battlestate Games removes Traders and Flea market for 5 days

Published: 20:34, 26 April 2022
Updated: 08:07, 27 April 2022
Gear up before the market closes
Gear up before the market closes

Nikita, the C.E.O. of Battlestate Games posted a Tweet in which he promised that they would remove Traders and the Flea market if his post gets enough likes.

As we approach Thursday, the 28th, which should feature either the Lighthouse expansion or the new Streets of Tarkov teaser (some say wipe although we highly doubt it), Nikita decided to spice things up by promising he will remove all Traders from the game for 5 days if his post gets 30 000 likes, and Flea market as well for 45 000 likes.

Players are already reposting this all over the place, as this would, at least for a brief moment, bring refreshment to the current stale state of the game.

The late wipe in Escape from Tarkov does reach a point where everyone is asking for and waiting for a new wipe, as raids don't offer anything new and most people are already geared up which makes it difficult for anyone new to join late.

By removing two main sources of items, players would have to resort to the depth of their stash or items found in the raid. That could mean more balanced fights after a day or two after people burn out their high-end gear. 

This will also affect the market prices before closing, as a lot of people are expected to buy plenty in a short time. So if you're planning on playing for the next couple of days, gear yourself up before the tweet reaches the required number of likes.

If you're interested in seeing Tarkov without Flee market and the Traders for a while, like and share Nikita's tweet.  

At the time of writing this, the post is on the brink of 20000 likes, which means we could see Traders and the Flea market going offline as early as tomorrow morning.


Post just reached 45 000 likes and Traders are getting removed one by one. Skier and Jeager are already blacked out, with Flea market to follow.

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