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Total War: Three Kingdom video details the Yellow Turban faction

Published: 18:29, 03 January 2020
artwork showing factions from total war three kingdoms mandate of heaven dlc
Mandate of Heaven DLC is coming soon

Creative Assembly have today released a brand new video for the upcoming Mandate of Heaven DLC for Total War: Three Kingdoms. The video introduces the Yellow Turban faction and the three sub-factions.

Total War: Three Kingdoms is set to introduce its fourth paid DLC named Mandate of Heaven DLC later this month. Today, the developers Creative Assembly released a new lengthy video which introduced the Yellow Turban faction and the three sub-faction which include Zhang Jue, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Bao. These three leaders come with different playstyles and stance. Zhang Jue is the General of Heaven and his playstyle focus is Symbiosis and restoration.

Zhang Liang is the General of the People and his playstyle is Symbiosis and defence while Zhang Bao is General of the Land and his playstyle is Symbiosis and aggression. The developers also talk about the Zeal mechanic which is a bonus pool that three brothers share. You can watch the video and find the official descriptions of each leader below:

Zhang Jue

A renowned healer in his native Julu commandery, Zhang Jue is known as the General of Heaven. His discovery of the Scriptures of Great Peace, detailing the connection between heaven and earth, have set him on the path to raising a righteous rebellion against the corrupt Han Dynasty. Zhang Jue has mustered his brothers and their followers to his cause and sparked a flame in the hearts of the people.

Zhang Liang

Zhang Liang, the General of the People, is an artisan of defensive strategies. As such, his aim is to build an impregnable defence against the Han as they attempt to stamp out the rebellion. In fact, the Han warlord Lu Zhi has been dispatched with precisely this directive, and Zhang Liang has been tasked with defending against him. The result of this clash could dramatically shift the balance of power!

Zhang Bao

Known as the General of the Land, Zhang Bao hones naked aggression into a force for change. He forms the spear-tip of the rebellion, hurling himself boldly into the fray. He seeks to rapidly expand the rebels’ sphere of influence and is in the best position to achieve this.

Total War: Three Kingdoms Mandate of Heaven DLC is out on 16 January 2020.

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