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Total War: Three Kingdoms - the story behind Mandate of Heaven

Published: 16:32, 06 January 2020
Creative Assembly
Medieval Chinese ground troups from Total War: Three Kingdoms
Total War: Three Kingdoms

There are 10 days left until the release of Total War: Three Kingdoms' upcoming Chapter Pack called Mandate of Heaven, and after showing off the Yellow Turban faction, Creative Assembly dove into historical accounts of the era.

The Chapter Pack lets players try and save the ailing Han empire from its historical fate, in a conflict between forces led by Liu Hong and those under the Zhang brothers - Zhang Jue, Zhang Liang, and Zhang Bao. 

"One thing we'd always been very keen to do was to go back to the very beginning, a prologue if you will. We felt that the Rebellion in 184 was a great place to tell the origin stories of our main protagonists (Liu Bei, Cao Cao, Sun Jian), and also to explain how Dong Zhuo became the tyrant", said the game's senior designer Simon Mann.

Zhang brothers are new faces in Total War: Three Kingdoms, but Mann also mentioned newcomers like Liu Chong. His chivalrous story has been quite underrepresented in books and popular culture, which is something Creative Assembly are hoping to address via their storytelling prowess. 

"Liu Bei starts as a simple peasant selling sandals. Cao Cao has no lands of his own but seeks recognition. Dong Zhuo rules over a large number of lands but is beset by rebels from all sides. We've also added a number of new historical events for the period which will help to enrich the story of the characters", he said. 

Sega Three Kingdoms era army advancing in Total War: Three Kingdoms Total War: Three Kingdoms

It's important to note that coming with Mandate of Heaven are completely different from the early adopter DLC version, with separate faction mechanics, technologies and unit rosters. Their units are geared towards the destruction of the Han empire and its units, with mechanics to spread rebellion around. 

Total War: Three Kingdoms fans apparently have a lot more to look forward to, as Mann added, "We still have a lot of great ideas for content to fill the world up. As we've recently teased, there will be some barbarian themed content coming up in the near future. We also want to continue fleshing out the characters and mechanics in the game, revisiting content both old and new 

CA artwork showing factions from total war three kingdoms mandate of heaven dlc Mandate of Heaven DLC is coming soon

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Total War Three Kingdoms, an iconic strategy by Creative Assembly

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Total War: Three Kingdoms
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