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Total War: Pharaoh could be the next Total War game

Published: 17:07, 20 May 2023
Creative Assembly
Total War Pharaoh leaked
Total War Pharaoh leaked

The title of the still unannounced game, Total War: Pharaoh, has been leaked on the Total War series' official website. Ancient Egypt seems to be the next setting for the new Total War game.

After the not-so-well-received Total War: Troy , which came out two years ago, it seems that Total War is moving to another ancient civilization, this time a little further west, towards ancient Egypt.

Fans have discovered that Total War: Pharaoh, the title of an as-yet-unannounced game from the series, has appeared thanks to the likely negligence of one of the administrators of the official Total War website.

Since the keyword in the title is Pharaoh, it is almost certain that the next game in the series will be set in ancient Egypt, but during which period is still unknown.

The Egypt setting seems to be very popular these days; therefore, we can already enjoy Pharaoh: A New Era while waiting for Builders of Egypt to be released. If we add now almost certain Total War with the Egypt setting, all ancient Egypt admirers can scream with joy.

Total War The next Total War game could be set in Egypt The next Total War game could be set in Egypt

In light of the fact that the Total War series has only ever been made available for PC, it is anticipated that this pattern will hold true for the next sequel. Total War: Troy was even an Epic Store exclusive at the time, and it set a precedent by being the first newly published game to be offered absolutely free of charge on the Epic Store. The information also appeared that there will be three different editions of the game: Standard, Deluxe, and Dynasty.

Considering the unexpected leak, we can expect the announcement of the game very soon.


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