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A Total War Saga: Troy adding new deity, Epic Agent and photo mode

Published: 05:59, 19 October 2020
A Total War Saga: Troy, Artemis and Orion
A Total War Saga: Troy, Artemis and Orion

Creative Assembly and Sega may have given A Total War Saga: Troy for free on the Epic Games Store but they're sure keeping the content train well populated.

According to the latest A Total War Saga: Troy blog post, the strategy is heading for a hefty refresh on October 22, the same update that will finally add mod support . And if you knew the Total War community's knack for creativity, you'd know why that's still probably the most exciting part of the update. 

Now, however, Creative Assembly announced a few other features coming in the October update - a new goddess, Artemis, her Epic Agent companion Orion and a well tuned-up Photo Mode for in-game photographers to play with. 

Artemis' is often mentioned as a goddess of the hunt, but Creative Assembly once again did their homework well.

"Artemis is not only associated with the hunt but also wilderness, wild animals, and the moon (much like Apollo – her twin brother – is with the sun), and her symbols include the bow and arrow, deer, and the cypress tree. The daughter of Zeus and Leto, Artemis caught the eye of many but swore never to marry, and was worshipped as a protector of girls and women", they wrote. 

A Total War Saga: Troy's new Epic Agent is Orion, a giant huntsman and Artemis' true love (it's actually quite a beautiful but tragic story - you've been warned). His abilities include Sudden Abush and Foe Tracking, which guarantee kills on enemy Heroes (or wounding of Epic ones) and reveal enemy heroes of a targetted faction. 

What this means for the game is

  • One new god added to the Divine Will system: Artemis, the goddess of the hunt
  • New temple building chain connected to Artemis and available to each faction
  • New Epic Agent Orion, available at the highest tier of worship of Artemis
  • New light archer unit available for recruitment by all factions after a Prayer to Artemis: Warriors of Artemis
  • New region-specific building dedicated to Artemis and the Warriors of Artemis unit
  • Aeneas Divine Omens missions grant favour with Artemis (similar to missions for other gods)

Sega A Total War Saga: Troy lanscape in photo mode A Total War Saga: Troy, photo mode incoming!

Last but not least is the Photo Mode, which comes with more than 20 different options to customise your in-game shots with. 

Scene options let you customise the skybox, lights, God Rays, glow, and more; Camera controls let you mess with Depth of Field, F-Stop, and more, and there are more frames and filters than you can shake your medieval spear at. 

You can find the blog post on the official website .

A Total War Saga: Troy by Creative Assembly and Sega

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A Total War Saga: Troy

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