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A Total War Saga: Troy getting Hephaestus in 1.5.0 update

Published: 17:42, 28 January 2021
A Total War Saga: Troy, Artemis and Orion
A Total War Saga: Troy, Artemis and Orion

Creative Assembly unveiled a hefty upcoming update for A Total War Saga: Troy that's slated for launch alongside the Ajax & Diomedes DLC and Hephaestus FLC.

Hephaestus, god of blacksmiths and volcanos, should make a fine addition to A Total War Saga: Troy's roster of mortals. His temples allow players to improve existing and newly hired units with three levels of improvement. 

New Epic Agent is the Divine Craftsman, who can upgrade settlements, or grant exceptional level four equipment if he's embedded in armies. 

Creative Assembly claim that Hephaestus and the Divine Craftsman will be adding to and enriching a number of existing features and mechanics, as they:

  • Added the god Hephaestus to the Divine Will screen with his own Cult level and Prayer effects
  • Added new Temple chains dedicated to Hephaestus for both standard and Horde factions
  • Added equipment granted by temples of Hephaestus (units can be upgraded with equipment to gain increased armour and melee attack)
  • Added the Divine Craftsman agent, available for recruitment at Cult of Hephaestus level 3
  • Added the region-specific Hephaestion building (available only when starting a new campaign)
  • Added Hephaestus-specific missions to Aeneas’ Divine Omens faction mechanic   
  • Added a victory condition for Aeneas’ Homeric Victory that requires you to gain favour with Hephaestus (this change takes effect when starting a new campaign)   
  • Included the first level of the Hephaestus temple building chain in the early game mission (which requires you to build any first level temple building chain to complete)
  • Substituted the Devotee priestess skill and its specialization with skills granting extra favour to Hephaestus upon the priestess action Ritual of Exaltation   
  • Substituted several War Spoils on the campaign map when playing as Penthesilea with a new War Spoil that grants favour with Hephaestus
  • Added the starting trait Follower of Hephaestus for the priestess agent, which grants favour to Hephaestus
  • Added Priam’s Heir missions for temples of Artemis and Hephaestus
  • Added ancillary Cult Statue of Hephaestus
  • Added Gratitude events for Hector, which grant favour with Artemis and Hephaestus

Sega A Total War Saga: Troy, Ajax & Diomedes A Total War Saga: Troy, Ajax & Diomedes

As usual, there's a host of stability and bug fixes, which you can sift through on the official A Total War Saga: Troy website .

A Total War Saga: Troy by Creative Assembly and Sega

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A Total War Saga: Troy

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