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Torchlight 2 goes free on Epic Store, next two games revealed

Published: 18:47, 16 July 2020
Runic Games
Torchlight II
Torchlight II

This week's Epic Games Store freebie has landed and it's Runic Games' beloved action-RPG Torchlight 2, whose arrival also revealed the next week's free games.

You may recall Epic Games giving away the original Torchlight too, so today's free game will complete the franchise, at least until Torchlight 3 hits the shelves. 

Until then, you can get to practising in Runic Games' 2012 classic but don't let the age fool you - Torchlight 2 is still a joy to behold. Just like the original, Torchlight 2 relies on procedurally generated dungeons and loot, but the sequel added support for LAN/online multiplayer and modding. 

Players choose between four character classes, each catering to different play styles. Engineers are Torchlight 2's tech-savvy sluggers; Outlanders are lightfooted rangers; Berserkers are ferocious fighters and animal spirit summoners, while Embermages are element-wielding spellcasters. 

As the story goes, the corrupted Alchemist destroys the town of Torchlight and threatens to disturb the delicate balance of the world, which is where you come in. Players will follow the trail of Alchemists destruction, with the journey taking them across the colourful landscapes from Estherian Steppes to haunted Grunheim forest.

Runic very much took the original formula and polished it to perfection in Torchlight 2, delivering a title that still serves as a check-list of what an action-RPG is.

As for next week's freebies, the first one is Fullbright's 2017 adventure Tacoma, where you'll be investigating an abandoned space station, piecing together the events via an augmented reality system. 

Freebie number two is Next Up Hero, Digital Continue's and Aspyr's dungeon crawler from 2018, where players control cute hand-drawn characters and navigate different dungeons, killing monsters and upgrading stats along the way. 

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