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Tomb Raider 1-3 being remastered for PC, will be free for some

Published: 12:18, 12 March 2018
Crystal Dynamics
Tomb Raider protagonist Lara Croft staring down a ledge
Tomb Raider 2007 remake

In what increasingly looks like crisis of creativity, it's been announced that remasters of three Tomb Raider classics are coming to PC and they'll be free on Steam if you own the original game. So, Tomb Raider 1 is getting a third remake.

The news was tweeted by Realtech VR, the same company that did the porting of Tomb Raider 1 and 2 to mobile. Apparently, Tomb Raider 3 is coming to mobile sometime "early in April." As you can see, you'll still have to buy the DOS version from Steam.

All three Tomb Raider games supposedly feature a new 3D engine and come with OpenVR support, but that's pretty much all we know at this point. At a risk of sounding sceptical, if we're talking about a proper VR experience though, it better have a really new engine.

You may recall the Tomb Raider games for being popular with gamers and boob lovers alike, skyrocketing the game's popularity as if it was actually a monument of gaming, rather than a simple walker and puzzler. We all played it, of course, it just seems that reasons for infatuation with the game vary wildly.

Crystal Dynamics Tomb Raider protagonist Lara Croft walking among ancient ruins Tomb Raider 2007 remake

If Tomb Raider's earlier popularity is anything to go by, Realtech VR's efforts should not go to waste. The original 1996 Tomb Raider sold more than 7 million copies and we're talking about the early PlayStation years.

This means that the original Tomb Raider will have been remade three times. You may recall that the last time around, Lara's first iteration revisited the market in June 2007, selling 1.3 million copies in the process.

At this point, we can't even feign excitement, we just hope the VR gimmick will make it worth it, although we fail to see how we'd be amazed at this point.

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