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Titan Quest gets Atlantis, a surprise expansion after Ragnarok

Published: 10:12, 10 May 2019
THQ Nordic
Screenshot from Titan Quest's Atlantis expansion
Titan Quest - Atlantis

THQ Nordic have added another bit of content to Titan Quest, with no advertisement or a marketing campaign ahead of it. Atlantis just came out of nowhere, offering the fans a reason to restart the nostalgia machine and get more loot.

Titan Quest Atlantis popped up, just like that and fans are already buying the expansion, leaving a pile of positive reviews on Steam, thankful for another content drop in an action RPG that never quite reached Diablo's fame.

Following the stints with Greek and Norse pantheons, the hero will meet an explorer and together they will delve into caves and new lands in pursuit of Diary of Herakles that should point them towards the mythical kingdom of Atlantis.

According to the official description, the locations will be inspired by western Mediterranean areas, most notably what is today known as Cadiz, Spain, then known as the Phoenician City of Gadir.

Players will be able to venture out on their own or team up with other players, forming an up to 6-player co-op party. The extended multiplayer is not the only feature that Atlantis brings, however, since it will introduce Tartarus Endless Mode as well.

It will be basically a horde mode with endless waves of enemies, playable in single player or with up to five other players. There is currently no mention of what the rewards might be.

Masteries will be expanded and a new tier of skills will be available for each mastery so players will have more room in expanding their hero's power.

Atlantis will apparently bring visual upgrades too, including graphical updates like SSAO and colour grading. THQ Nordic made mention of the quality of life improvements such as better storage, quick casting and a few other unspecified features.

THQ Nordic Screenshot of a Titan Quest on an underground bridge Titan Quest - Atlantis

They also introduced a Casino Merchant where players will be able to gamble their excess money for random loot.

As a part of Atlantis' launch celebration, the entire Titan Quest catalogue is discounted until 16 May 2019. Ragnarok, the previous expansion is on a 67 per cent discount while Titan Quest Anniversary Edition is down to $3.99 / €3.99 / £3.59.

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