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Biomutant release date finally announced

Published: 18:59, 26 January 2021
THQ Nordic

Fans of animal kung fu can look forward to one of their most anticipated games arriving this year as THQ Nordic finally announced the release date for Biomutant.

Biomutant release date is now set for May 25, 2021. This makes the game marked by one of the weirdest stories of development and delays since it was originally meant to come out in 2018 . Still, the likes of Beyond Good and Evil 2 and Star Citizen make these delays look like a smooth ride.

Anyway, the game is all about mutations, implants and kung fu. It is set in a post-apocalyptic world and it seems like humans are nowhere to be found, now replaced by furry creatures that have inherited quite a few of our traits, such as a propensity for violence.

The gameplay, trailers, screenshots and other promotional material captured the attention of many gamers in the past which led to the early development of a fan base but the repeated delays and uncertain delivery date kept everyone waiting for over three years.

THQ Nordic and Experiment 101 finally broke the radio silence regarding the release date on January 26, 2021, but the situation had already created some odd happenings.

First, there are images of people who preordered the game as far back as 2017, meaning their order would be fulfilled more three and a half years later .

On top of that, the release date the devs and publishers announced pertains to PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. Yes, the game is releasing seven months after those consoles became "last-gen".

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