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Gothic Remake is happening; coming to PC and next-gen consoles

Published: 15:11, 11 March 2021
Gothic Remake screenshot showing ruins
Gothic Remake

Gothic Remake is officially confirmed by THQ Nordic and it will be developed by a newly-formed studio named Alkimia Interactive in Barcelona, Spain. THQ promise more details in the coming months.

Today, THQ Nordic have officially announced the incorporation of their brand new studio in Barcelona, Spain - Alkimia Interactive. The studio's first project will be Gothic Remake, a game that THQ Nordic are brining to PC and next-gen consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

The publisher states that the development of Gothic Remake is now well underway and the first results of this project will be officially showcased in the next couple of months, so sit tight Gothic fans.

Alkimia Interactive will be THQ Nordic's studio for high-quality RPG projects and their first one is almost certain to show us all their talents when it comes to game development.

"We strive to build Alkimia Interactive as a top-notch RPG studio", said Reinhard Pollice, Studio Head at Alkimia Interactive. "Our ambition is to become one of the best addresses for PC/Console core game development in the South of Europe."

 THQ also explain that after the Gothic Remake project was greenlit, the next step for them was to fully set up a subsidiary studio that would work on the game. They have managed to do that in Summer 2020 but the team is still looking for developers to join the family.

THQ Gothic Remake screenshot showing a warrior in an outpost Gothic Remake

For more details about Gothic Remake, check Alkimia's official website for some sweet screenshots and other info.

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