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Titan Barricades will get significant buffs in Destiny 2

Published: 23:06, 06 August 2021
Destiny 2 - Titan Barricade
Destiny 2 - Titan Barricade

Barricades have been regarded as the weakest of class abilities in Destiny 2 but Season 15 should make them much more reliable and overall useful.

Titans in Destiny 2 may have the fun stuff like shoulder charges and potentially infinite grenades in PvP but their class ability, the Barricade, was seen as inferior in most scenarios.

One of the reasons for this was that the Barricade was not reliable on uneven terrain as grenades and some projectiles could fly underneath and ruin the Titan's day. Furthermore, the Rally Barricade bonuses often wouldn't justify losing all that safe space behind the regular one. Both of these things are going to change with Season 15 .

Being behind a Rally Barricade will provide 30 stability, 10 per cent range and 50 per cent flinch reduction. If you're looking to spray something with laser precision, this will be your go-to ability. It should prove to be fun with high capacity auto rifles. A single Titan with Sweet Business could lock down a lane while crouching behind a Barricade this way.

Anyway, that's not the only change around - all Barricades will project slightly into the ground now. This way, they will reach a little lower on uneven ground, preventing projectiles from sneaking in. 

Finally, all Barricades will be more reliable in dishing out massive damage to enemies, even if they are moving very fast.

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