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Third Pokemon Go Community Day coming up soon, here are a few things you need to know

Published: 21:02, 20 March 2018
Pokemon Go Community Day promotional image on a black background.
Pokemon GO Community Day

Niantic's events for Pokemon Go were highly praised by the players, especially the Dratini one. The upcoming Pokemon Go Community day has a little less hype since it's focusing on Bulbasaur but the incentives are still top notch.

Another month, another Community Day for Pokemon GO and this time around it's focusing on a pokemon that isn't exactly attractive to the players. Nevertheless, anticipation is apparent as Niantic are unloading shinies, 3 hour lures, triple exp for catching Bulbasaur and an exclusive move - Frenzy Plant.

Players who have already caught most of the Gen I starter pokemon may find more incentive for hunting down the perfect versions of the pokemon they have. This is a prime opportunity for going on a hunting rampage in order to score a 100% IV pokemon. Evolving Bulbasaur like crazy may pay off as well, due to the chance to acquire Venusaur with a special ability.

Niantic Bulbasaur available during the third Pokemon GO Community Event Pokemon GO - Community Day Bulbasaur

A quick reminder in order not to waste your Ultraballs and Berries - don't forget to bring an IV calculator with you in order to maximise your chances of finding a 100% pokemon. That being said, the next will be happening on Sunday, 25 March 2018.

Until then, suspiciously high number of players are Shiny Lugia catches on their first attempt. Lugia and Shiny Lugia will be appearing in Pokemo GO Raid Battles until 2 April 2018. Unlike its previous incarnation, this Lugia has a buffed Sky Attack, while the move usually has 70 base power, this one has 80.

Niantic A Lugia pokemon is looking all weird on some random meadow. Pokemon GO Lugia

If you've been waiting for another opportunity to catch this pokemon ever since its first appearance last summer, now is your time. That is, if it takes over a gym near you.

As of the moment of writing, Niantic haven't disclosed which pokemon will be replacing Lugia after 2 April 2018.

Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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Pokemon GO - Castform
Pokemon Go Legendary Pokemon

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