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The Young Commander ‘Ed’ Joins Street Fighter V

Published: 16:11, 08 May 2017
Updated: 08:30, 06 July 2017
Street Fighter V - Ed

The Young Commander ‘Ed’ is the next fighter to join the Street Fighter character V line-up. Ed will be available for the Season 2 Character Pass holders.

The Young Commander ‘Ed’ will be the next character to join Street Fighter V. He will do so as a part of the Season 2 Character Pass. Where could you have seen him before? Well he previously dropped by as a non-playable character in the Street Fighter IV and Super Street Fighter IV story. 

The young Ed didn't regret that he was ever born. Or maybe he did, as he was raised by Balrog or M.Bison. The prospect of being a potential substitute body for M. Bison, can do a number on you. The Bandaged Boy was made into the man he is today by Shandaloo, "a very powerful and deadly criminal organization that is responsible for dealing biochemical drugs and arms within the Street Fighter universe."

Capcom Street Fighter V - Ed Street Fighter V - Ed

Although his fighting style is centered around boxing, he has the ability called Psycho Power. This ability makes his baby blues go ominously purple, and grants him his special moves. Those special moves include "‘Psycho Snatcher’ V-Skill, ‘Psycho Cannon’ V-Trigger and ‘Psycho Barrage’ critical art."

Ed and his Psycho Power will join the Street Fighter V line-up "soon". He will also pack his Story and Premium Battle costumes. 

Capcom Street Fighter V - Ed Street Fighter V - Ed

There is an upcoming event named Capcom Fighters Network Beta for PlayStation 4 and PC. The event will start on 11 May and last up until 14 May. During this time, Ed and all of his, previously released friends and foes will be playable for all beta participants. 

The Street Fighter V Season 2 Character Pass is now available for £24.99. The pass will grant you access to Akuma, Kolin and Ed in addition to "3 brand new fighters to be announced later this year." It also comes with Premium Battle Costumes with colours 3-10 unlocked and default costume colours 3-10 for each character. Furthermore, Season 2 Character Pass holders receive an exclusive PS4 theme.

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