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The Waylanders offers a glimpse into the future

Published: 02:18, 30 June 2020
Gato Salvaje
The Waylanders
The Waylanders

Gato Salvaje Studio offered transparency on their future plans through the roadmap for future content in The Waylanders.

The Waylanders launched on Steam in the early access version on June 16, 2020. Roughly two weeks later, Gato Salvaje announced a roadmap that should offer more information about what's next for their RPG.

Most of the revealed roadmap pertains to the developers' plans for July and August 2020. July will be more intense between the two months and will bring a ton of updates through five weeks:

  • Week 1
    • Back to Life cinematic improvements
    • Audio improvements
    • Major bug fix patch
    • Addition of Steam trading cards
  • Week 2
    • New companion loyalty quests
    • Improved info on stats, abilities and combat
  • Week 3
    • Story cinematics improvement
    • Forge: Crafting system
  • Week 4
    • New story content
    • Know your companions quest
  • Week 5
    • Another major bug fix patch
    • Big codex update
    • Creature and enemy lore

August will not have as many updates but it's possible it will be more exciting than July:

  • Week 6
    • New quests
    • New features, lore and story
  • Week 7
    • Bug fixes
    • Story improvements
    • Combat and UI improvement

Despite the numerous updates, The Waylanders is nowhere near full release as the developers are targeting early 2021 as the actual launch window.

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