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The One Ring Kickstarter campaign adds stretch goals and add-ons

Published: 20:43, 15 February 2021
Free League
The One Ring - concept art
The One Ring - concept art

After funding their latest project in four minutes, Free League is now adding even more stretch goals and content add-ons to their upcoming The One Ring RPG.

Free League's upcoming RPG - The One Ring cleared their base funding goal in no more than 4 minutes on February 11. Today, the team has added new stretch goals and two new addons to the Kickstarter for The One Ring RPG .

Three of the new stretch goals are new unique Patrons for adventurers to receive counsel and assistance from and the fourth is a bonus D12 Feat Die which will be added to the Starter Set and each separate dice set (including Sauronic Dice) - the extra Feat Die is useful in handling favoured and ill-favoured rolls in the updated rules.

The add-ons include the Sauronic Dice Set and Ruins of the Lost Realm, a hardback compendium of approximately 150 pages that will collect the unlocked PDF stretch goals Fog Over Tharbad, A Gathering Storm, Into the Lone Lands, Old Castles Built By Wicked People, Here Was Once a Realm of Men and The Clouds Break - all in printed format. 

However, the Ruins of the Lost Realm material has not yet been written or illustrated so it will ship some time after the core game is already in the hands of the players. Those who purchase the Ruins of the Lost Realm content now will get it at a lower price. One added benefit, the funds now go to unlocking even more stretch goals on Kickstarter.

After clearing their initial goal, the team unlocked the first batch of six additional stretch goals back on February 11. These included a digital art collection and the Starter Set to be expanded with a Shire map, stance cards, bonus characters, item cards and custom dice.

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