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The Elder Scrolls getting a cookbook to ease the wait

Published: 14:53, 25 December 2018
Front cover of The Elder Scrolls cookbook
The Elder Scrolls cookbook, front

In absence of a proper The Elder Scrolls sequel, which according to Pete Hines ain't coming for a really long while, Bethesda has prepared another sort of treat - The Elder Scrolls cookbook. So how about a snack while we're all waiting?

You'd be forgiven for letting out a chuckle or two, given that The Elder Scrolls isn't really a game that stimulates gourmet impulses a lot, but Bethesda obviously thought it's worth a shot. Trust us, with all that's coming from the dev these days, the cookbook seems to make the most sense.

According to its Amazon page, The Elder Scrolls cookbook will see you "feast your way through Skyrim, Morrowind" and the entire Tamriel, so for once - Skyrim isn't the main star of the show. The description further reads, "Immerse yourself in the diverse cuisines of the Nords, Bosmer, Khajit, and beyond with these recipes inspired by food found in the Old Kingdom, across Tamriel, and more."

As you'd expect, The Elder Scrolls cookbook will still closely follow Bethesda's franchise, recreating recipes that normally keep you alive in the game. "With over sixty delicious recipes for fan-favourite recipes including Apple Cabbage Stew, Sunlight Souffle, Sweetrolls, and more, The Elder Scrolls: The Official Cookbook will delight every hungry Dragonborn", the description says.

Jokes aside, The Elder Scrolls cookbook is written by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, whose obvious love for the gaming and culinary aspects of RPGs has already spawned the World of Warcraft cookbook. Judging by the reviews, the WoW-flavoured collection of recipes was a real hit with gamers and chefs alike, so Bethesda will probably be hoping Monroe-Cassel can do it again.

Unfortunately, there are no Amazon reviews for The Elder Scrolls cookbook at the time of writing, but we'll be checking up on it to see whether it's doing better than Fallout 76. Not that it could possibly do worse, even if Hines and Todd himself crafted the recipes with one eye closed and tastebuds disabled.

Amazon Saltrice Porridge recipe from The Elder Scrolls cookbook The Elder Scrolls cookbook

So, if you're feeling confident enough in your cooking to take on the best Tamriel can throw at you, you can head over to The Elder Scrolls cookbook's Amazon page .

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