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Don't expect to hear about The Elder Scrolls VI until "years from now"

Published: 06:53, 11 May 2020
Landscape of The Elder Scrolls VI
The Elder Scrolls VI

Bethesda's Pete Hines has confirmed that it will take "years from now" before the publisher actually start talking about their much-anticipated RPG The Elder Scrolls VI.

Bethesda have two major RPGs in development at the moment but it looks like we will have to wait for both games for a couple of more years. The publisher are yet to talk about Starfield, their first next-gen title, which currently does not have a specific release date.

The Elder Scrolls VI, which was officially announced in 2018, is set to arrive after Starfield, meaning that you'll have to wait even longer for Bethesda's next instalment in popular fantasy RPG series.

Pete Hines, Senior Vice President at Bethesda has mentioned both games recently, reiterating that it will take some time before both games arrive. When asked about The Elder Scrolls VI and when exactly can players expect to hear more details about the game, Hines replied: 

"It’s after Starfield, which you pretty much know nothing about. So if you’re coming at me for details now and not years from now, I’m failing to properly manage your expectations."

Bethesda starfield screenshot showing space and horizon Starfield

Loud and clear from Hines. If it is too soon to talk about the upcoming Starfield then The Elder Scrolls VI info certainly won't be coming in the near future.

Recently, we got some rumours suggesting that the game is currently set to release in Q4 2024 , not 2025 as previously rumoured. If this is indeed the case, then no wonder why Bethesda are still silent about their next projects.

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