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Fan-made Oblivion remaster Skyblivion get's first gameplay showcase

Published: 09:30, 28 January 2021
screenshot of fan-made oblivion remaster skyblivion
Skyblivion looks stunning

The team behind The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion remaster named Skyblivion have shared a first look at one of the many quests that players will find in this visually enhanced version of the iconic RPG.

In case you are not familiar with this ambitious remaster, Skyblivion is a volunteer-based project by the TESRenewal modding group, who aim to bring The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to a new generation of players and re-introduce it to hardcore fans of the iconic franchise.

The project has started way back in 2012 and at the moment, more than fifty people are working on the game, which will be released on PC but sadly, still does not have a release date. 

Luckily, this week, the team behind the project have released the first look at one of the many quests that players will be able to find in Skyblivion. This is also our first look at the gameplay, which looks absolutely stunning.

The gameplay video showcases the "Revenge Served Cold" quest, where players meet Corrick Northwode at Harm's Folly, who needs help finding a certain amulet.

Those who fear that The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion atmosphere might be lost due to upgraded graphics and other features, worry not, the remaster closely follows the original's art style. Of course, the remaster won't be a 1:1 recreation, where every rock or bush will be placed exactly where it was in the original. This is an unrealistic expectation due to many reasons and to be completely honest we're glad that the team behind the game are trying to give these iconic locations a fresh look.

Skyblivion is currently in development and you can help the team by volunteering in one of the departments listed on the official website.

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