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The Division will have surprise back-to-back global events running this week

Published: 12:00, 26 March 2018
Updated: 15:57, 26 March 2018
An SHD agent is clearing corners with his Kriss Vector.
The Division

The Division's crazy month filled with Global Events is coming to a close, but Massive Entertainment included a plot twist for the finale. All four Global Events from March will get a re-run within this week, back-to-back.

As soon as Global Event Ambush ends today, on 26 March 2018, Outbreak will start once more. It will run for 47 hours, after which there will be a pause of one hour and then Global Event Assault will start. It will continue in the same manner as Ambush, and the same holds true for Strike and Ambush that will come after them.

Global Event Outbreak will commence on Monday, 26 March at 13:00 GMT and will conclude on Wednesday, 28 March at 07:00 GMT.

An hour after that, at 08:00 GMT, Assault will start and it will find its conclusion on Friday, 30 March, at 07:00 GMT. 

Global Event Strike will start the same day, at 08:00 GMT and will go on until 07:00 GMT on 1 April 2018.

Ambush will start at 08:00 GMT on 1 April and will conclude the Global Event fiesta on 3 April, 08:00 GMT.

Ubisoft Screenshot from The Division showing an SHD agent aiming her UMP 45. Tom Clancy's The Division

If you missed out on the Asher vanity set so far, you can still pick it up via Twitch Drops. It will require you to watch an official stream of The Division for 60 minutes. Marks at 30 and 90 minutes will award 3 Cypher Keys each. Starting and 120 minutes and every 30 minutes after that point you will gain 5 Cypher Keys.

In order to become eligible for the rewards, you will need to link your Ubisoft and Twitch accounts. In order to do so, you will need to log in on your Twitch account and click ''Authorize'', log in on your Ubisoft Account and click ''Activate my account'' and then go watch The Division's official . Or you can check this video on how to do it. 

Ubisoft Screenshot from The Division showing three agents looking all cool in their gear. The Division - Yup, close enough.

Once you get the notification from Twitch stating you received a reward, you can go and claim your loot box keys at the Reward Claim Vendor in your Base of Operations.

If you don't want any of the hassle of going through the registration and activation process, you will not end up empty handed. If you log into the game during the Global Event week, you will get the Celebration emote, also at the Reward Claim Vendor.

For all the possible info on Global Event Classified sets, masks and how to get them, you can check this reddit .

The Division

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The Division - Yup, close enough.

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