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To buy or not to buy The Division? We might help you decide

Published: 15:32, 26 December 2018
Screenshot from The Division showing a Hunter that usually lurks for easy kills in dark subways.
The Division - Hunter

To buy or not to buy The Division? If you are on the fence, the 2018 holiday season may be the best time to do so due to the low price you can get the complete game for, on top of having enough time to earn The Division 2 rewards.

Disclaimer time: this is not a sponsored post, and therefore not a ploy by big bad Ubisoft to make more people buy The Division or its sequel. The article is specifically aimed at the people who are not sure whether they should get the game while the holiday deals are up.

The Division was likely the most anticipated game for years that was met with a start that was slightly more rough than a grindstone. It left a bitter taste for just about anyone who played or came in contact with it, but Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment eventually brought it to a decent state back in December 2017, with the famous 1.8 update.

If you are on the edge and can't decide whether to trust Ubisoft with your money or because The Division 2 is coming in March 2018, here are a few reasons why you should or should not buy The Division.

You can buy The Division for $13,50 / €13,50 / £11.25 from the uPlay store, due to the holiday season discount. This is the price of the Gold Edition, which includes the Season Pass, so if you purchase this one, you will have access to all of the game's content. On top of that, if you happen to play another game through uPlay, chances are you are going to have some uPlay coins, which you can use to get an additional 20 per cent discount.

The low price may be the first reason I listed in favour of buying The Division, but it may not be the most important one for two types of players - those who are wondering whether The Division is worth their time and those wondering if they have enough time to earn the rewards for The Division 2.

Ubisoft The Division screenshot showing an armored SHD agent next to a gas station with its gas prices listed on the side. The Division - In other news, Ubisoft have decided to raise gas prices to compensate for giving classified away for Phoenix Credits.

For the first group, from 2017, when the update 1.8 landed. Since then, the game has only become more player-friendly due to increased drop rates and a balance pass for some gear sets. In case of a TL;DR, we basically said The Division is in a better state than it ever was and worth a look. It's unlikely The Division will receive any new content from this point on, but it already has enough to keep you interested for tens, if not hundreds of hours.

As for those achievement hunters who want The Division 2 cosmetic goodies, this is the best time you could choose to get into The Division. On top of getting the game dirt cheap, you have about three months to chase the Shields that will eventually unlock The Division 2 cosmetics.

Some Shields will be made easier through Global Events, such as Phoenix and Prime. The first one will be made easier by Global Event modifiers as Survival is some of the hardest PvE content until you get the hang of it, while Prime will require players to complete three full sets of Classified gear. Global Events are also loot fests that will make this Shield way easier, unless you offered blood sacrifice to RNG gods so you don't need an event to help you out.

I devoted that entire paragraph to Global Events because they will push your achievement hunting endeavours into overdrive and there are two Global Events left before The Division 2 kicks in. You can check out the leaked . There have been minor deviations from the dates in that article up until now, but the information is still reliable for the most part.

Ubisoft Screenshot from The Division showing two SHD agents in a heavy snow storm. Tom Clancy's The Division

However, if reward hunting for The Division 2 is not your cup of tea and neither is a looter shooter in a snow-covered New York, you may want to steer clear of The Division, despite its reduced price.

Bullet sponge enemies are a stigma that stuck with the game since its early days, and they were never entirely removed. Then again, you can almost entirely avoid them as playing regular modes will get you in a fight with a bullet sponge only as much as you let the game do so. Having proper gear will mean you will be wiping the floor with most enemies.

Some modes, such as Heroic Incursions and Legendary Missions will still have bullet sponges, but they are top tier of cooperative gameplay in The Division. They are entirely optional and gear you acquire from them is no better than what you buy with in-game currency via Global Event caches.

As the paragraph above may indicate, The Division has many MMORPG traits, such as raid or dungeon equivalents and bosses that take forever to die. This is because the game was built as a looter shooter MMORPG of sorts. If this is not your cup of tea, but you still want to look tacticool while killing bad guys, Ghost Recon: Wildlands may be a better option for you.

The Division

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The Division - Yup, close enough.

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