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The Division Global Event Blackout is starting date revealed

Published: 19:26, 13 August 2019
A great player in The Division is showcasing the Vulcan mask.
The Division - Vulcan mask.

The Division 2 may have stolen the spotlight but some fans are still sticking with the original one. They might be relieved to hear that Global Event Blackout is going to kick off on Monday, 19 August 2019 and linger on for the week.

Global Event Blackout will conclude on the Monday after, on 26 August 2019 but players will have enough time to enjoy the best modifier that ever happened in The Division. Blackout will make players' weapons energised and prolonged shooting will cause them to deal more damage.

Extreme Blackout will add both positive and negative effects. Charging up the meter entirely will shock players, rendering them unable to act for a few seconds but this can be countered by the Immunizer lunchbox. On the other hand, properly managing the charge will allow players to deal massive melee damage when they are above roughly 90 per cent charge.

Total Blackout will simply make the charge cool down faster when close to friendly players.

There are three masks in total to grab as rewards if you didn't already for some reason. Admittedly, they are not Massive's best work since the masks are simple reskins of previously introduced models.

  • Other than the best PvE boost through the modifiers, Blackout also offers some of the best PvE gear sets.
  • Striker's Battlegear has dominated the DPS role ever since the set was introduced.
  • DeadEye is probably one of the funniest sniper builds to play around with.
  • Tactician's Authority is the go-to set for playing Skill Power builds.
  • D3FNC is the definitive tank gear set that allows players to use an SMG while being protected by a chunky shield.

All things considered, Blackout is probably the best Global Event The Division has to offer.

Ubisoft Six new masks in different colours are shown for the new events in The Division. The Division - Top row are supposedly Blackout masks and the bottom are Outbreak masks.

In case Survival had you discouraged and you didn't manage to grab the associated Shield, this would be a good time to hop in and earn those cosmetic rewards for The Division 2. You will get a bunch of The Division goodies to boot.

The Division

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The Division - Yup, close enough.

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