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The Division Global Event Blackout is kicking off next week

Published: 14:06, 19 October 2018
A great player in The Division is showcasing the Vulcan mask.
The Division - Vulcan mask.

The Division's Global Event Blackout is just around the corner once again, set to start on Monday, 22 October 2018. It is one of the easier Global Events in the game, which should also greatly help players with completing Survival.

Blackout easily has the best modifier for completing things in World Tier 5 alone, provided you found it hard to do so without the modifier's help. The base modifier will add a shock meter to your weapons, and the more they fire the weapon, the more it fills and therefore does more damage. Once the meter is filled, you can do a melee attack that will discharge the weapon and kill almost anything in one hit.

Therefore, this modifier makes it easy to run solo HVT missions, which will in turn award a ton of Global Even credits as well as complete the DeadEye Shield. Those who were stuck with Phoenix Shield will find it easier to run through mobs in Survival, but make sure you craft better clothing along the way as the modifier can't help you with the temperature hazards.

If you're looking to gear up quickly, Global Event Blackout will offer some of the best sets for their roles in the game. DeadEye is great for PvP as well as PvE glass cannon builds, Striker's Battlegear is still amazing in PvE, but somewhat less so in PvP these days while D3-FNC is the fan favourite for tank builds. Those looking for an Electronics one shot build may want to gear up with Tactician's Authority Classified set.

Masks tied to Blackout are not particularly attractive, as they are just reskins of masks from previous events, and you can preview them on the screenshot below.

Ubisoft Six new masks in different colours are shown for the new events in The Division. The Division - Top row are supposedly Blackout masks and the bottom are Outbreak masks.

If you're looking to grab as many GE credits as possible, it would be wise to farm the mission playlist with Total Blackout modifier for maximum credit gain, while carrying around a Support Station modified with Immunizer or Reclaimer's set bonus.

The Division

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The Division - Yup, close enough.

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