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The Division Global Event Strike is commencing soon

Published: 18:41, 12 January 2019
The Division screenshot showing an armored SHD agent next to a gas station with its gas prices listed on the side.
The Division - In other news, Ubisoft have decided to raise gas prices to compensate for giving classified away for Phoenix Credits.

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment undoubtedly have their hands full with preparations for The Division 2, but the original game is getting Global Events as planned. The next one is Strike and it will start on Monday, 14 January 2019.

Strike is the penultimate Global Event before The Division 2 releases and will offer better chances of catching some of those Shields for the cosmetic rewards in the sequel. Unlike some other events, it will feature four Classified Gear Sets that will count towards Prime Shield, so even if you never acquired any gear sets yet, you will have a chance to complete this challenge in the coming week.

On top of that, the event will feature some of the most sought after sets, since Predator's Mark is hugely popular in PvP, Path of the Nomad is great for both PvE and PvP, while D3-FNC is the go-to tanking set. Banshee's Veil is arguably the least popular of the available sets, but it still works great while farming the Dark Zone.

There are three masks that will be featured in this particular Global Event - Jungle, Rider and Classic. Jungle is shown on the picture above, and is easiest but probably the most boring to get. You can simply put the World Tier down to 1, go to Lexington Event Center, kill Larrae Barret, let her buddies kill you, respawn and repeat. You will need to do that 150 times.

Rider and Classic masks should be more fun but also challenging since one will require you to complete a mission without taking explosion damage from allies, caused by the Global Event modifiers, while the other will require you to complete an activity without taking any explosion damage at all.

Ubisoft Screenshot selfie from The Division ruined by a random passing civilian. The Division - That's a nice Global Event mask you want to photograph there, it would be a shame if someone...walked into the frame!

As for the modifiers, Strike will make enemies explode upon death, Pre-emptive Strike will cause allied agents to explode if they take too much damage in a short period of time and Tactical Strike will cause them to take more damage from said explosions. In other words, if you want Rider and Classic masks - take potshots. 

The Division

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The Division - Yup, close enough.

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