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The Division Global Event Onslaught date has been confirmed

Published: 15:05, 17 May 2018
Updated: 16:37, 17 May 2018
Massive Entertainment
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The Division

Ubisoft and Massive Entertainment have confirmed during the State of the Game livestream on 17 May 2018 that Global Event Onslaught will start on 21 May and conclude on 28 May 2018. Here are the rest of the Global Event Onslaught details.

Global Event Onslaught will be a big game of cat and mouse, and RNG will decide if you or the enemy is the cat. Well, this really applies on Savage and Brutal Onslaught modifiers. The regular Onslaught modifier gives a random bonus to players' bullets - they will apply Burn, Bleed or Gas effects to enemies. Players can reload to change the current magazine's effect.

Savage Onslaught modifier will make enemies resistant to two of those three effects and vulnerable to the remaining one. This is where things get interesting, since the player is guaranteed to be the cat on regular Onslaught. Savage Onslaught will essentially have 66,6 per cent chance per mag to make the NPCs the cat and give them resistance, as well as a damage boost versus players. On the other hand, players can keep reloading until they find the status effect enemies are vulnerable to and become the cat.

Brutal Onslaught will help players a bit, since it will give bonus damage for a single clip if two or more group members kill an enemy within two seconds. On the other hand, this modifier will keep Savage Onslaught's downside where enemies will be resistant to two different elemental damage types.

It is therefore important to remember that the enemies will have small icons near their health bars - when it's greyed out, they will be resistant and do more damage to you and when it's coloured, they will be vulnerable. The status rotation on your magazines will always be the same, in the following order: Burn -> Bleed -> Gas. 

The masks for Global Events Blackout and Onslaught have been leaked earlier and they look fairly underwhelming, but I had plenty of fun in farming them during Blackout regardless.

Ubisoft Six new masks in different colours are shown for the new events in The Division. The Division - Top row are supposedly Blackout masks and the bottom are Outbreak masks.

Onslaught will have some sexy Classified sets though. While Firecrest and Lonestar may not draw your attention immediately, Reclaimer and Predator definitely should.

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