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The Division Global Event Assault date has been teased

Published: 19:00, 19 July 2018
Updated: 17:17, 26 July 2018
Promotional image for The Division showing people shooting each other in New York
The Division

Massive Entertainment hosted The Division State of the Game #102 on and confirmed that Global Event Assault will likely commence on Monday, 30 July 2018 as it will start in July but it will not be in the week starting with 23 July 2018.

EDIT: Monday, 30 July 2018 has been confirmed as the starting date.

Considering that Global Events are now re-runs, it is safe to assume many players are by now aware that the masks in Assault aren't as popular as the ones in other Global Events. They do fit a niche made for slasher movie fans though, as Jason, Clown and Pig masks do look rather scary. What the event lacks in pretty cosmetics, it makes up for in highly sought after Classified gear sets.

Global Event Assault features Sentry's Call, Reclaimer and Striker's Battlegear Classified sets. While the first one is not exactly a great set, Reclaimer and Striker are the best in class when it comes to their respective roles. Reclaimer offers the best lunch box bonuses that pretty much every PvE and some PvP groups need, while Striker's Battlegear offers the best close to mid range DPS.

Global modifier for this event will be Assault, which will increase Agents' damage in close range. Playlist modifiers will be Crucial Assault and Major Assault. The first one will increase enemy damage at long range while Major assault is two-fold - it will increase Agents' damage further if they are close to a group member, while increasing enemy damage if they are not close to any allies. Watch out for those one shot snipers.

Playlist will consist of Queens Tunnel Camp, General Assembly, Russian Consulate, Grand Central Station and Falcon Lost. Russian Consulate looks like a prime farming target as it mostly unfolds in close quarters and forces both agents and enemies to stick near friendlies, maximising beneficial gains from the modifiers.

Ubisoft SHD agents are looking tacticool in The Division. The Division

There was also a mention of the new media that will relay The Division universe's story and cover the time period as well as broader happenings between events in New York and Washington DC. You can read up more about those in the article where we covered .

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