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Surviving the Aftermath - new update adds vehicles and buildings

Published: 15:39, 09 January 2020
Surviving the Aftermath key art
Surviving the Aftermath

Surviving the Aftermath's new content update introduces vehicles and enhances trade between societies. The new vehicles can be found by exploring the World Map. New buildings have been added along with Twitch integrations.

Surviving the Aftermath has a free content update that introduces vehicles and enhances trade between societies. The new vehicles will allow the players to quickly dispatch groups of Specialists across the World Map, and the improved trade will enable them to leverage their colony’s reputation in exchange for favours and resources.

Update 3: Expeditions will, in addition to vehicles and trading, bring two more buildings you can place in your colony, as well as Twitch integrations that will enable content creators to engage with their audience in-game.

Surviving the Aftermath - Update 3: Expeditions' key features include:

  • Vehicles - these can be found while exploring the World Map and your specialists can salvage them. All salvaged vehicles need to be brought back to your colony before they can be repaired and handed over to be utilised for exploration.

Once the vehicles have been repaired, they can be used to transport groups of specialists across the World Map.

  • Trade - you can now trade favours and resources with other societies on the World Map. Your reputation will serve as currency and trade deals can be set up whenever a convoy arrives at your colony’s gate. 

Trading convoys will establish trade routes between colonies, and depending on the arrangement, players will need to have enough supplies stocked up before the convoy’s arrival or risk facing a penalty.

You can now even trade seeds with your neighbours, instead of relying on events to acquire them.

  • New Buildings - the new vehicles need to run on something, and that's where the Refinery comes in. This new building will be the place where you produce fuel from the Sunflower oil harvested from your farms.

The second new building is the Garage. They will be used to store and repair vehicles. Each Garage is able to maintain a single vehicle and requires an assigned Specialist to operate.

  • Twitch Integrations: Twitch streamers can enable Twitch integrations via Surviving the Aftermath’s settings which enables their audience to vote on the next catastrophe or the results of each event.

Surviving the Aftermath is in Early Access and can be at an Early Bird price of ₤15.32 on the Epic Games Store and Xbox Game Preview.

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