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Empire of Sin reveals Dean O'Banion and glimpses other bosses

Published: 08:32, 15 June 2020
Romero Games
Empire of Sin - Dean O'Banion
Empire of Sin - Dean O'Banion

Romero Games and Paradox Interactive revealed a bit of Empire of Sin gameplay recently, along with one of the mob bosses, Dean O'Banion. However, the video contained bits of info on other bosses as well.

Dean O'Banion is one of the playable bosses in Empire of Sin. Described as a part-time florist, full-time gangster, O'Banion runs a flower shop as a front for his illegal ventures. He grew up in the Irish north side of Chicago and boasts high intimidation as well as home-made explosive shotgun shells which are his signature combat ability.

O'Banion doesn't work alone as he was a Catholic boy and has close ties to the church. This also represents the way he approaches the Chicago criminal underworld as he is constantly "doing dirty work on behalf of the Catholic church" where father Higgins is his contact.

Besides Dean, there were gameplay video below revealed some other bosses, even confirming that the featured character is not the only Irish mob boss.

The full list of bosses seen in the video:

  • Frankie Donovan, the baseball bat enthusiast
  • Angello Genna, a throwing knife specialist
  • Goldie Garneau, who specialises in bringing multiple enemies down
  • Sai Wing Mock, a bomb-thrower
  • Maggie Dyer, who uses a whip to pull enemies closer
  • Dean O'Banion, who shoots single targets with explosive shotgun shells

That brings the total of shown bosses in the video to six, meaning eight remain hidden still since there are 14 bosses in the game. Romero Games opting to go this way with unique characters will probably bring more replayability to Empire of Sin.

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