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Stellaris breaks records for fourth anniversary, celebrates on all platforms

Published: 13:10, 12 May 2020
Paradox Interactive

Paradox Interactive revealed that Stellaris is doing well and since the game reached four years of existence it is celebrating with various discounts and promotions.

Fans of Paradox Interactive's grand strategy games seem to have had a great time since the isolation due to Covid-19 kicked in as Stellaris' monthly active users were at an all-time high during March 2020. This is especially impressive because this is a game that was released in 2016. The high player count came with a huge milestone as PDX reported over three million units sold to date. 

With the fourth anniversary, milestones and record-breaking numbers came promotions on all eligible platforms. PC players can enjoy a free "weekend" on Steam. The word is in quotation marks because the promotion has already started and will end on next Monday, meaning it's closer to a free week.

On top of that, the players who turn out to like the game enough to buy it will be able to do so with 75 per cent off on the base game and various discounts on the DLC. The sale will end on the same day as the freebie promotion.

Meanwhile, console players are getting a chunky new update that can be previewed on the trailer below. Some of the highlights include more customisation, new sector systems, AI, resource management and more.

Accompanying the celebration and the update will be Expansion Pass Two which will give them access to three DLC, one of them being the Synthetic Dawn story pack. It will set them back $24.99 / £19.99 / €24.99.

Mobile community will see more players as Stellaris gets soft launches in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden and Canada. Open beta for Android will be available globally. It will be followed by an in-game contest where players will stand to gain birthday cakes and other rewards.

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