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Supposedly leaked PS5 DualSense images suggest one chunky controller

Published: 11:51, 10 July 2020
artwork showing DualSense controller for ps5

We knew that PlayStation 5 is one chunky console but it seems like its DualSense controllers are on the chunkier side too, at least if the leaked image is authentic.

The leak comes from ResetEra forums, and for what it's worth - it does seem like it's authentic, but saying that in this time and age means pretty much nothing. In other words, take it with a chunky grain of salt. 

In one of their interviews, Sony did mention that some design work was aimed at making PlayStation 5 and DualSense controllers look smaller than they are, and the image actually confirms why such a design route would be needed. 

As you can see from the image below, DualSense controllers seem to be quite massive, certainly bigger than PS4's. We've no doubt Sony ensured they're as comfortable as possible - they've had a lot of practice - but it still looks a bit daunting. 

Forum members were asking for a snapshot from the back in order to ascertain whether it's a hoax or not, but no other image was posted at the time of writing this piece. 

We suppose we should find out soon enough, as the information train is slowly picking up speed for Sony as well as the opposing team. 

As for DualSense, we've already heard from developers who will be putting it to use. Quantum Error, for instance, will let you know where you've been shot by clever implementation of vibration. 

ResetEra DualSense, snapshot of the supposedly leaked controller DualSense, snapshot of the supposedly leaked controller

"We are going to make every gunshot vibrate the side of the hand that would be holding the handle of the gun, vibrate the controller dynamically according to where the enemy hits you. We are going to have the player go to doors that have the possibility of backdraught explosions and the character will place his left hand on the door and if it's hot the controller will vibrate on the left side of the controller to warn the player of an explosion if that door is opened", Quantum Error dev said. 

You can find the image source on ResetEra .

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