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PlayStation 5 becomes fastest-selling hardware platform of all time in the US

Published: 17:36, 12 March 2021
PS5's DualSense controller, cropped
PS5's DualSense controller

As Sony were busy running around and spreading the thin PlayStation 5 supply over too much land, their next-gen console produced yet another proof that the PS5 launch was always going to go this way.

No matter how foolishly optimistic Sony were in their planning phase, PlayStation 5 demand would've come to about the same. The console is as much a gaming device as a status symbol, which coupled with semiconductor shortages actually paints Sony in quite a heroic light.

According to market research firm NPD Group's data, PlayStation 5's dollar sales generated after four months on the market make it the all-time bestseller among hardware platforms. 

February has seen PlayStation 5 come in second place but the limited supply meant Sony couldn't really take on Nintendo Switch, whose monthly unit sales have been number one for almost three years in the US. 

There's a hint of irony here as well, as Sony probably wouldn't have been there had there not been for their project with Nintendo way, way back when. Thankfully, they are, and with Nintendo back to their best, we suppose there couldn't have been a better time to be a gamer. 

NPD's list of best-selling games in February includes the usual suspects like Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Madden NFL 21, a few Call of Duties, but it was Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury that took the top spot. 

We reckon that PlayStation 5 will bounce back in the list once they start rolling out exclusives, although they're in no rush to launch anything just yet. There's no shortage of new games for Sony's next-gen console, so it's best to save that punch when it really matters. 

You can find NPD Groups report on analyst Mat Piscatella's Twitter feed .

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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PlayStation 5

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