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UK getting a shipment of PlayStation 5 consoles this week

Published: 14:01, 15 February 2021
PS5's DualSense controller and AstroBot
PS5's DualSense controller and AstroBot

Great news PlayStation 5 fans - those of you who didn't get the lucky break may have better luck this week, as the UK is getting a hefty shipment of fresh new consoles.

Now, that doesn't mean Sony are done with the UK, not in the least. In fact, the PlayStation maker is still struggling to fill the demand, with Game and Shopto out of stock as of last week. 

According to the latest reports, Argos have already received the PlayStation 5 stock, which is likely to fly like hotcakes in the following week. Provided, of course, you've ever seen hotcakes fly off the shelves like PlayStation 5s.

Stock-reporting Twitter account PS5 UK Stock Alerts commented, "No stock expected this weekend, however, most of Februarys drops are happening mid-month so next week we should see a lot more drops from retailers you've waited for. Argos have stock at some of their stores but won't drop until more have been filled."

As things currently stand, we reckon it will be a while before Sony stabilise the supply and demand, but try as we might - it's really difficult pinning this one on Sony. 

The company's initial shipment of PlayStation 5 consoles has exceeded those of its predecessors and their expectations were overshot by a healthy margin. Alas, the demand for next-gen gear is huge, and it looks like no amount of optimism could've prepared Sony for this. 

Things aren't very different in Xbox land either, as the green team is racing to fill the seemingly endless demand. 

Regardless of your brand, though, it's pretty good to be a gamer at the moment, as we're really being spoiled by top-grade gear, so much that the days of 8-bits sound like a fantasy here.

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