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Superliminal is now available on Steam

Published: 21:00, 05 November 2020
Pillow Castle
Superliminal’s soundtrack by Matt Christensen
Superliminal’s soundtrack by Matt Christensen

Pillow Castle's acclaimed puzzle game Superliminal is out on Steam now. The game is available at a 20 per cent discount. The devs have added some new features and improvements.

You're not dreaming - Superliminal is out on Steam now. The game has launched with many brand-new features and improvements.

Superliminal will be 20 per cent off during its launch week and is also available at a further discount, bundled with the double-album soundtrack.

What’s new

  • Developer Commentary
  • Challenge Mode
  • SomnaSculpt Workshop (Beta)
  • Mac and Linux versions
  • Double-Disc album Soundtrack

Developer Commentary

Superliminal's devs have recorded an extensive developer commentary feature that offers a look behind the scenes to give you a chance to learn a bit more about the game and all of the people who made it. You can play through the game from start to finish, listening along, or just take it a level at a time. 

Challenge Mode

You can thank the speed-runners for this one - the devs have added an all-new Challenge Mode that gives you a limit of grabs and jumps per puzzle. 

Somnasculpt Workshop (Beta)

Today’s launch of the Somnasculpt Workshop is considered to be in its beta stage. It will receive updates and new features over the coming months.

In this mode, you can import practically any 3D model that you like into the game, change its properties, and take it into your favourite levels and puzzles.

Pillow Castle Superliminal Superliminal

Mac and Linux versions

Today’s launch marks the debut of the Mac OS and Linux support. All issues should be reported in the forums.

Double-Album Digital Soundtrack

Superliminal’s beautiful cool jazz and dark electronica can now be listened to via the digital double-disc digital soundtrack. The soundtrack was composed by Matt Christensen and features the remixes commissioned from 2 Mello. The soundtrack is discounted during the launch week at 20 per cent off and is available bundled with the base game.

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