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Murder by Numbers brings its 90's fashion to PC and Switch

Published: 12:21, 06 March 2020
Murder by Numbers cover art
Murder by Numbers

Mediatonic's latest game titled Murder by Numbers will soon be available for PC and Switch. The game will launch sometime today and will be at a 10 per cent discount during its launch week. A Collector's Edition will also be available via GOG and Steam.

Mediatonic's latest puzzle game titled Murder by Numbers will soon be available for PC and Nintendo Switch in Japan and the West. The game's price tag reads £11.99 and will have a celebratory discount of 10 per cent on Switch during its launch week - from 5 March until 11 March 2020.

Murder by Numbers' Steam version will have the same discount from 6 March until 12 March 2020.

The story follows Honor Mizrahi after her ex-manager turns up dead and she's the main suspect. The players will have to help Honor get to the real killer with the aid of the trusty reconnaissance robot SCOUT. This can be done by interrogating a cast of weird characters, solving pixel puzzles and gathering clues across a range of locations.

Murder by Numbers' colourful cast of characters was designed by Hato Moa and the game's soundtrack is credited to Masakazu Sugimori (Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Ghost Trick).

Murder by Numbers will also have a Collector's Edition up for grabs. The Collector's Edition will feature:

  • Murder by Numbers - the game
  • 30 track original soundtrack by Masakazu Sugimori.
  • 60-page artbook PDF containing character concepts, work in progress designs and behind the scenes info.
  • 3 exclusive Murder by Numbers wallpapers and bonus art.

The collector’s edition of Murder by Numbers will only be available on Steam and GOG and will come with its very own 10 per cent discount for the bundle.

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