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Street Fighter V's hot-rodder Abigail available next week

Published: 20:19, 17 July 2017
Updated: 07:57, 21 September 2018
Street Fighter V - Abigail

The Season 2 character pass for Street Fighter V is almost here. Among other things, the pass will bring along Abigail - "the biggest lad in all of Metro City". Abigail likes massive hiboxes, cars and throwing people all over the stage.

Street Fighter V's season 2 character pass will feature Abigail, "the biggest lad in all of Metro City". Abigail has previously appeared in the classic Capcom beat ‘em up series Final Fight. In Final Fight, he had a debut in the capacity of an in-game boss.

When he launches for Street Fighter V next week, Tuesday 25 July, he will bring along "a fearsome set of bulked biceps and a passion for all things car fashioned". Every day is arms day with this guy and, boy, people like him are just the best. Zero insecurities, and it shows.

Capcom Street Fighter V - Abigail Street Fighter V - Abigail

His fighting style: Abigail uses no finesse in his fighting, just brute force. He picks up his opponents and throws them around like rag dolls, and occasionally turns red and uses running body slams.

In Final Fight One, "Alpha Cody" notes that he hadn't been terribly impressed by Abigail, asking whether he still stuck to "using only one attack pattern". In Mighty Final Fight, one of his humorous attacks is to pick up his opponents and kiss them. Mind you, Mighty FInal Fight is not considered canon.

Capcom Street Fighter V - Abigail Street Fighter V - Abigail

Abigail's favourite pastimes include cracking skulls, driving a car or pretending to be one. Wife him up, somebody. The press release says that you can "utilise the potency of Abigail’s considerable belly with the ‘Hungabee’ V-Skill, charge up your heavy punch through the ‘Max Power’ V-Trigger, or drive your opponent over the finish line with Abigail’s Critical Art".

When Abigail rolls out on 25 July, he won't be coming alone. He's bringing along his Metro Bay Area stage, Story and Premium Battle costumes.

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